Administrative so-called 'Law' hits the buffers

What is called 'Administrative Law' primarily defines (actually 'describes' is a better term) the interface between the Members of the Public, and so called 'Public Bodies'.

Or, as they like to call themselves, 'Public Authorities'.

We are talking, TV Licencing, the DVLA, Local Councils, Census Office, HM Revenue & Customs, etc. etc.

And Statutes upon Statutes have been drafted, and passed as Acts, by 'Governments', to create 'obligations' upon everyone to provide the information necessary to screw whoever fills in, and signs, their 'Official Forms'.

But, there is a BIG PROBLEM with all of this.


And that's where their Gravy Train goes colliding into the buffers.



Do you remember that?

Maybe you should remember that?

Thus, any attempt to DEMAND that you fill out ANY of 'their' paperwork, can be rebuffed with a letter similar to the following:

Dear Sirs,

If I were to be arrested, by a Policeman for (say) "murder", then the first thing he would tell me is: "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT" (" but anything you do say etc". This would still be the case, even if the Policeman were convinced I had actually done the murder. He would still tell me I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT).

And the reason is, very simply, I HAVE THE COMMON LAW RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. And, since the Common Law is the supreme Law in England and Wales, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

"Silence" includes "no obligation to speak to anyone who may UNILATERALLY choose to knock on my door for whatever reason", and also "no obligation to fill in any forms and/or signing them - from whatever UNILATERAL source they may arise".

And, since many Statutes refer to - and DEFER to - the Common Law - as does Halbury's Laws of England and Archbold: Criminal Pleading and Evidence and Stone's Justice's Manual etc., I nowhere read that this RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT has anywhere, and by any means, been removed.

Should my Common Law RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, ever be removed (and I've no idea how you would do that, because no Statute is capable of doing it), then - and only then - would I be obliged to have interactions with you, or those you represent.

"Remaining silent" is NOT a criminal act. In fact it is not even an "act"'. It is the LACK OF an "act" - and remains an Indefeasible, Natural, RIGHT that I possess.

I have that RIGHT. I stand on that RIGHT. I therefore request that you cease and desist your unwarranted and UNLAWFUL harassment forthwith. Standing on my RIGHT is a perfectly LAWFUL thing to do, and therefore I cannot be found "guilty" of anything, for simply doing so. I collect all your paperwork as evidence of your UNLAWFUL harassment.

Sincerely without ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

The Peaceful Inhabitant who has THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and live in peace.
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural, Indefeasible Rights reserved.

They may (stupidly ... after all, they are Muppets!) come back at you by saying: "Ahh ... but we can take your silence as an admission of guilt!"

To which you can reply: "Guilt of what? Guilt of not filling out your paperwork? Don't bother or fret yourself about taking my silence as evidence of guilt, because I fully agree I'm not filling out your paperwork. I have LAWFUL EXCUSE ... called My RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Any Justice of the Peace is duty-bound to uphold my Right to Peace ... otherwise I can have him or her arrested, and charged under Section 13 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 ... for 'UNLAWFULLY administering their Oath of Service'. Hey! Bring it on!"

If you don't fill out the Electoral Roll, then you'll get yourself into this situation, and the above will cause the Local Council's efforts to collide with the buffers.

If you are not listed on the Electoral Roll, then you won't get a Council Tax or Business Rate Bill.

And if, after reading this, you still fill out the Electoral Roll paperwork, and end up paying Council Tax or Business Rates ... then you must be crazy (I suggest).

(And that's just one very good reason why so-called 'Administrative Law' isn't Law at all. Because it can't overcome a REAL Law: YOUR COMMON LAW RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT).


Veronica, November 2011